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About us

HMBradley is building the future of personal financial freedom through saving.

Since 2018, we’ve been reshaping the consumer banking experience through transparent financial products that adapt with the customers’ needs over time. We see ourselves as our customers’ long-term financial partner – their trusted resource in getting rich, slowly (no get rich quick schemes here!).

Our Customer is the Hero of their own journey. We exist to enable the customer to achieve their version of success. We build a relationship with customers by delivering long term compounding growth, and we build trust and loyalty by removing the fear and friction of the financial experience.

We believe that by equipping people with the best tools to solve their own problems, we lift everyone’s financial situation, together. This is no small task, so we're always looking for talented humans who are interested in building the future alongside us.

We’ve raised over $60MM (Series B), and in 2021 were recognized by Business Insider as one of the best high yield checking accounts.

We’re ready to bring on more curious, customer-centric collaborators to challenge the status quo and implement disruptive ideas.

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Why work with us?

🌍 Make an Equitable Impact

Your work will help democratize personal wealth and equity, creating opportunities for everyday humans to leverage compounding growth.

🛠 Build & Scale From Scratch

You will get the chance to be an early team member at a startup that is well-positioned to tackle a huge market.

✨ Join a Values-Based Team

You’ll join a tight-knit, passionate team that values the customer, excellence, and doing hard things together as one team.

🌴 Influence a Culture

You’ll help contribute to our early team and HMB culture, bringing your own unique perspective and influence. We look for cultural contributors, not culture fits at HMB.

Working with us

As a company, we are on a mission to unlock the potential of our team. We believe that holistic employee well-being is important. We work to make everyone feel valued, included, cared for, and safe.